12A Conceptual Challenge


My final edited picture is nothing like what I had sketched out. I only used two images but I did a lot of editing on each one. At first I quite didn’t understand  how to use just three words to create an abstract image. But then we could add another words. My three original words are cane, dripping, scoop. I then added two words, creepy, obessive. I edited the first one on Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. I changed the levels, brightness, contrast and used the dodge & burn tool. I then used a layer mask to just crop the scoop of ice cream on the top of the model’s head. I inserted a candy cane into his mouth and used two different flashlights to light his face. One of the flashlights are blue which gives a creepy light to his face. I also sharpened the image to give it an abstract, dark feeling. I used the dodge tool to lighten the eyes to make it look creepy. I then resized the image and took it to get printed. It turned out darker than expected but I still like the image.

My Sketches


Original Images Used



Final Edited Image


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