11A Fine Art Print Video


What I learned from my Fine Art Print

IMG_6267 vicky_6267_phfil_burn_shrp_1

Here you can see the difference between the two images. I thought that the original was a great image. I love the softness of the image but with my edited image, I can see how small edits make the image look better.

In the edited photo I added a photo filter to make the image look warmer. I used the dodge and burn tool to add darkness and brighten up his hat and the wooden walls behind Brian (the model). I played with the levels in the image along with the sharpening tool. I also changed the saturation of the yellow in the coat. With the before image you can see how the coat was full of unattractive colors. So I decided to brighten up the yellow and darken the green. You can see that you really don’t see the blue on the coat in the after image.

Overall I learned how to successfully edit an image and how to size it properly to print it large. I am very pleased with the outcome.

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