Who Did Titanic’s CSS?

Original post on vectorpaths.com

I love puns and I think that they are great. So once we got the assignment for the T-Shirt design I knew I wanted to do something “punny” (you know funny+puns).


I already knew what kind of shirt I wanted to do, now the goal was to find what design to use. I started sketching out some of my favorite puns and playing with the images. I did come across many that I thougth would be funny but it would be too much going on. Right now I am taking a HTML/CSS course and I thought it would be funny to wear my shirt to my class.



This was my completed draft of the design that I chose to go with. As you can see, it wasn’t the greatest. I played with colors, especially with the color of shirt that I wanted. I didn’t want to do it on a white shirt because it would’ve been a bit too easy.

Br Kerr mentioned that he would like to see the iceberg a bit more fierce and to add my text into my image. So that way it wouldn’t be two different images. I also chose too many blues so I needed to narrow it down. When I took it to Alpha-graphics and other various stores, they said that I would have to do a vinyl. And for the vinyl I would need 4 colors MAX, so I went back into illustrator and decided to change a lot.

In this image so far I had 5 different types of the color blue and two different grays. So I REALLY needed to simplify my design.


Final Draft

For my final draft I decided to change a couple of things. For once I took Br Kerr’s advice to make my iceberg look more fierce ( so I hope it worked out fine! ) KEY: the gray is the color of my shirt but I added it in because you wouldn’t be able to see my details. Since knowing that I needed to simplify my colors, I change many colors. I now have black, white, blue, green, & purple.  I made the boat bigger and changed the little windows on the boat.

I created this shirt for young-adults from the ages of 18-30 or anyone who knows CSS coding. Well, I think that anyone would be able to understand the design. Which is a great thing!

I am very please with my final design and hope that it comes out the way I would like on my t-Shirt.


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