What Time Is It?

Original post on Vectorpaths.com

For my watch final I went with a Kate Spade “Champagne” watch. The reason I decided to do this watch was because of all the diamonds that were in it. I have never done a diamond and I wanted to challenge myself for this project. I got to say though, it was tough!

Can you tell the difference?


The first thing I did were my sketches. It took me a long time to find the watch I wanted to do. I didn’t want to do a watch that was easy and I could do in a minute. I wanted to challenge myself. Once I found the watch I started sketching out different elements that I could do. I played with changing the knobs and choosing different diamonds I wanted to do. As well with getting the clock hands to be perfect.


For my draft I tried to have the base of the watch just the way the actual photo has it. I was clearly struggling with the diamonds. I didn’t know how to make them look realistic. I also had trouble getting the right color for the clock hands. But overall I think I was on the right track. It definitely needed a lot of help. After the critique session in class I realized what needed to be changed. I saw how some of the circles in the face of the watch weren’t centered. And I played with textures for the face and bands for my final as well.



I am proud of my watch. I know that it isn’t the best and I know that there are flaws to it but I did all that I knew I could do to make it look like the real deal. I really enjoyed this project and everything that I learned from it.


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