Thirsty Oceans -Gig Poster

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For the last couple weeks I have been trying to finish my gig poster. I quickly came up with the name with the help of my friends. And I knew what I wanted to do but i had no idea how to get it on paper, let alone on the computer.


For my sketches I tried a lot of things. I wanted to do a venus fly trap then it got mixed in with a mermaid and then I thought of the octopus. I thought it would be really funny to do an octopus drinking from a soda hat. Hence the name “thirsty oceans” came up.  You can see that I really tried sticking to the mermaid idea. Even though I really like my venus fly trap.

img_0584 img_0586


This is my draft and I thought that it was a pretty good draft until I went to class and Br Kerr spoke about showing everything  on your poster and how that’s boring. So back to the drawing board I went!  I did get some great feedback from classmates and my professor. I got advice on how to design my hat and ideas on how to show the tentacles. Now seeing the draft -it’s pretty boring and plain. But at the time I thought I did such a great job. The colors were complimentary so I wanted to stay with that.



This is my final draft. I definitely changed a lot of things. I made the orange octopus bigger, with the green one a bit smaller and then a tiny blue on in the bottom left corner.  I also added a texture to the background and a border color that it smaller than the original. The octopus’ are very similar just a different color. They all have the soda’s on the their heads. I also created the text to an object so that I was able to play with them and make some of the letters larger. I used two different fonts so that they are a great contrast to each other. I kept rearranging the white border box a lot because it kept creating random trapped white spaces.


Final Take-away

I worked so hard on this gig poster and I definitely had to go out of my comfort zone to create an octopus with a soda hat. I didn’t include the actual hat because I thought that it was too much for a poster.  I love how it came out. I really did all I could for this poster.

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