Icon Set

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When we first got this assignment I knew that for this icon project I wanted to do The Emperor’s New Groove. It is my favorite movie and I haven’t seen any icons for the movie. I love the characters and throughout this project I had so much fun.


First things first, I had to start off with sketching my ideas for The Emperor’s New Groove. I love drawing and I loved it more than doing on the computer. It took me a long time to decide what I was going to have in common with them. I was debating whether having no eyes or having just blank white eyes. In my sketches, you can see that I went with the decision to make their eyes white.

img_0319-1 img_0320-1

Next came my icon draft. I was not really excited to open Illustrator and use the various tools we had learned in class so far. But as I started with the outlines I began to fall in love with my project. For the first six I decided to do the 3 Yzma’s and 3 Krunk’s. These are various designs of the characters throughout the movie. I used the pen tool the most but as I started doing their bodies I realized that using shapes were much easier.



I was really nervous for the critique we had in class. I was grateful to hear what Brother Kerr had to say about each of our graphics. Brother Kerr said that I should change me pen marks to shapes which I ended up changing for my draft.


I enjoyed going back to illustrator and fixing what needed to be fixed. I fixed Yzma’s feathers and made them more “soft” and I also changed her outfit. I played around with colors making them more defined. I made the faces and bodies more rounded to give the feeling of an icon rather than a graphic design. I really enjoyed this project and everything that I learned with it. I took a chance and went out of my comfort zone.


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