Close Up & Personal

For this week’s assignment we had to do MACRO SHOTS! And boy, let me tell you that in the beginning it was hard to understand and I didn’t know how to use the filters so I ended up using the macro tubes. I definitely like them more! It was such a blast and since it was a long weekend – all my picture were taken in Utah! It was nice to get away.

Macro shots with Water Drops

“Even Pencils Get Thirsty”

Funny story! My fiancee was helping me using a water dropper and the one we had was too big so we decided to use a pencil to drop water on the plants/flowers. But when he had it I thought that it would be a great photo. This photo is edited the original was a bit dark so I lighten it up and you can see a tiny flare coming off the pencil. I love it!


“Don’t rain on my petals”

My granny had some beautiful flowers on the dinner table and we used them to take these amazing images. I used a spray bottle on the Iris’ and took images at different angles along with different lighting. I added more contrast to this image and it looks great!


“Iris the great”

For this image, I lowered the temperature and tried to soften up the image. I do like how it turned out. It is less purple than the image before. And you can see all the little droplets of water.



Macro Shots Without Water

“Carrying the leaf away”

We were at a garden and I remember the advice that my professor gave us. She said to stand somewhere and look down below. So I saw a patch of moss. I laid on the grass and put the LED light right next to it and realized that there is a lot of these little plants on the moss. It was super cool and neat to capture. I darkened the shadows and added contrast.


“Shh.. Stand still”

This is a closer image to the one above but you can see the little individual strands of moss on the bottom along with the tall strands.


“So painfully pretty”

We found a pot with a cactus in it and I love this image because you can see all the spikes in detail. Also there was a random brown patch of spikes in the middle of the cactus.


For the following three images, I wanted to capture the texture of the objects.

“Golden shadow”

This is my roommates pillow that I took into the living room and used a golden reflector. You can see the detail in the pillow and many vibrant colors it has.


“CINDERELLA, your broom”

At our grandparent’s house, there is an antique broom in the corner. We used a LED light to be able to see the strands on the broom.


“Where’s the bird?”

Again in the basement of our grandparent’s house, there was a old bird house! I decided to take an interesting angle of it. I am really glad of the outcome.



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