Composition- Perspective of 12

As I searched for a subject to photograph with different angles and perspectives my thoughts went to musical instruments. My fiancee has an old bass trombone which he loves to play.

Here is my textured image


Here are the two individual images without any edits.


I blended the two images to create a rusty look to the front of the trombone case. As I added the textured image on top of the case, I lowered the opacity to 10% so it can look as natural as it can. I then added a black mask and erased the texture from the logo so it is just on the leather.


Here are my individual images.



Here is my collage


One comment

  1. Virginia your images are amazing! I love your collage. It is really well done. I especially like the picture of the bell and the way it interacts with the text below it and then pulls the eye back into the rest of the pictures.

    You can check out Temple’s picture of her record player at her blog at:
    You can also go see my blog post of my lighthouse in 12 perspectives at:


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