Slice of Life

Pine Sol and Clorox filled the apartment. Karen walked in and took a deep breath, smiled, and quickly ran to the bathroom.

Then Piper, one of our three dogs, urinated on the floor.

Someone boiled potatoes last night and left them on the stove. No one knows what to do with them.

Suddenly Tina said, “Let’s make mashed potatoes!”

Karen shouted from the bathroom, “Does anyone know how to make mashed potatoes? Cause we’re all Hispanic and that’s a white person’s meal.”

Laughter filled the emptiness of the room and for a second Tina forgot that there was urine on the floor and stepped in the giant puddle.

She just mopped the floor. Her American foundation group was coming over in 45 minutes to prepare a policy. The night before they went to Walmart to buy cleaning supplies and snacks.

“I’ll never have a clean house as long as Piper, Khloe, and Charlie are here. This is so embarrassing. HISPANICS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE CLEAN HOUSES! My mother would be ashamed” Tina shouted, as Karen fell on the floor.

As Karen was fighting not to die of laughter, she yelled in between laughs, “I am going to get a six pack with you and your telenovelas (soap operas)!”

A gentle breeze came into the room as Sierra opened the window so Piper’s urine wouldn’t linger in the kitchen. “I’m sorry,” she said as she picked up Piper and Khloe while Charlie was releasing his lunch. Sadness and disappointment quickly came over Sierra’s face as she left.

“So how do we make mashed potatoes?”

“I think we have to smash the potatoes first,” as Karen giggled.

Sarcasm took over Tina as she said “That would be SO helpful!”

Knock knock.

They’re here.

“I love your apartment. Wow, it smells so good!”

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