Rescuing Children from Sex Slavery: The children and Tim Ballard need the residents of Rexburg to speak up!


Our Idaho Rescue

There are more then 2 million children who are sold into slavery. These children, who are often under the age of 18, are stripped of their voice.

In a community event in Rexburg this past Friday, Ballard stated that many people always ask “How can I help? What can I do?” Tim answered with a question: “How did we end slavery? It was the people who rallied together who ended it.”

“Too many people are caught up with what is going on in the elections and not ONE person has mentioned this problem. NOT ONE,” Ballard stated in the event. “We need to call our senator and our representatives and tell them to act!” he continued saying.

He continued to say that the people need to harness their skills. Ballard also stated that social media can be used to spread the message of sex slavery.

In an interview with Beck from TheBlaze TV, Ballard said that it is “the supporters that allows us to do this and it’s them who send us out. We would be nothing without you guys. So I can’t express the gratitude I have, and on behalf of the kids who can’t speak to them, thank you so much.” (The Blaze)

Tim Ballard was a special agent and an undercover operative working for the Department of Homeland Security when the assignment to start a child crime unit came. Shortly after creating the task force, he quickly realized that there was more that needed to be done to rescue child sex slaves.

“I told [my boss] no,” he recalls. “It’s the one thing I wouldn’t do. It’s the worst possible thing anyone can see. Who knows how that would affect you?” he said in an interview via LDS Living.

Then feeling that this was his calling he founded Operation Underground Railroad, after quitting his stable government job in 2013. The O.U.R motto is: “To the children: Hold on. We are on our way. To the captors and perpetrators: Be afraid. We are coming for you” (Our Rescue).

Operation Underground Railroad has an upcoming documentary called “The Abolitionists” coming to 600 Megaplex theaters, who will be donating 100% of the ticket sales to O.U.R.

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